Each individual has unique medical and nutritional needs. Consultations are on a one-on one basis where the specific dietary problem will be discussed in-depth and the appropriate dietary treatment will then be administered. Patient goals and objecti

Earn Vitality points with us. We are accredited with Discovery Health to provide Vitality Nutrition Assessments. They help you understand your body’s nutritional requirements and provide you with realistic, personalized goals for a he

Our weight loss programs are formulated for patients who need regular follow up and offer reduced tariffs on their follow up visits. Consultation’s will be offered 2 weekly over a period of 2 months. These packages are ideal for weight loss or

What can I expect once you’ve analysed my DNA? A comprehensive health and wellness report*, along with a precision nutrition plan, tailored to your genetic needs, enabling you to manage and develop your lifestyle that will be effective in re

  This test involves :R3600 It is a skin prick that we do in the office , I take the blood and send it away for analysis ( 3 weeks) and you get a list of foods that you should reduce/ avoid for 2 months until you have improved your gut