Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Functional medicine involves understanding the origins, prevention, and treatment of complex, chronic disease. Hallmarks of a functional medicine approach include:

#An integrative, science-based healthcare approach. Functional medicine practitioners look “upstream” to consider the complex web of interactions in the patient’s history, physiology, and lifestyle that can lead to illness. The unique genetic makeup of each patient is considered, along with both internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (physical and social environment) factors that affect total functioning.

We provide nutrition advice and eating plans for a range of ages and health conditions, including :

  • Weight management (weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance)
  • Digestive Health:Irritable Bowel Syndrome, SIBO, Ulcers
  • Heart Health
  • Insulin resistance 
  • Raised cholesterol levels
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Pregnancy and breasfeeding
  • Cancer
  • Eating Disorders 
  • Renal Failure
  • Healthy eating for children and adolescents 
  • Food  intolerances
  • Compromised immunity
  • General health and dietary management of energy levels